The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed and shaped the way we work. Enterprises across the globe have begun to prioritize the mental health, wellbeing, and experiences of their employees. Organizations who recognize the value of investing in the employee experience create engaged workers, who are 17% more productive and more likely to stay with their employer.  

Join Microsoft Gold Partner Vitalyst for this webinar, Employee Experience 101 to gain an in depth understanding of the Microsoft Viva platform. 

Learn how:  

  • To take the data gathered by Viva Insights and present it to employees and managers alike. 
  • To navigate Viva Topics, including how to use keywords, cards, and more. 
  • Viva Learn and Connections work and interact together to support employees onsite or at home.  
  • Vitalyst’s Employee Experience Practice and 3-time Microsoft Partner Award winning platform can boost employee wellbeing and productivity.  


Watch the webinar