Hybrid work has been challenging for all roles and all industries. For salespeople in particular, this era of digital selling has required them to not only change their approach when reaching out potential leads, but also how they record and monitor a prospect’s progress throughout the buyer’s journey.  

Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s flagship CRM and ERP platform, provides everyone an all-inclusive view of your organization’s sales cycle, from the first conversation with a lead to the last signature on the contract. Join Microsoft Gold partner and three-time 2021 Microsoft Partner Award winner Vitalyst for a webinar that will demonstrate how:  

  • To report leads and pipeline in Dynamics, ensuring data integrity. 
  • To use Dynamics’ integrations (for Teams, Outlook, and more) to create a connected experience. 
  • How Vitalyst’s award-winning learning solution can help organizations and end users get the most out of Dynamics.  

Watch the webinar